Field of Dreams

… Build it and they will come.

Let’s gather together my magnificent ones! Let’s shift consciousness, align our energies, illuminate and enlighten! Let’s enhance energy and support the glorious journey ahead – shift happens! Calling in all the wonderful Jedi, Lightworkers, Spiritual Teachers, Change-Agents, inspiring Teachers, Coaches, Therapists, Healers, and anyone interested in building an amazing platform for spiritual and educational growth right here at Britain’s most easterly point – Lowestoft.

Look to the East! The point of Illumination!

Lowestoft is the sunrise coast of the UK and with our magnificent beaches we attracted in the very first settlers in Britain – yes right here at Pakefield Beach. The findings at Pakefield some years ago set the paleontology records back some 200,000 years – the settlers arrived a long time before most thought they did!

And yet here, despite those pioneers and adventurers arriving, we have some real social issues with 1 in 4 children living in poverty, and with life expectancy here being some 10 years lower than the average in Suffolk.

When people gather together for the greater good we know things can change for the better. In Lynne McTaggart’s ‘The Field’ experiments, amongst many other similar experiments, where people gather together crime rates drop eg the Brighton Fountain Group, and the Washington DC 1983 experiment where crime dropped by a whopping 25%. So let’s see what impact we have on the global field environment around the East – and Lowestoft in particular.

Spread the word! Let the Lightworkers, the spiritual teachers, the change-agents, the inspiring teachers, coaches, counselors, therapists, NLPers, EFTers, Haveners, Psych-Kers, Mindfulness monks, and generally good folks gather together for inspiration, enlightenment, illumination.

Let’s look to The East! Let’s build it … and they will come!

Look to the East! The Point of Illumination!

Britain’s most easterly point – The Sunrise Coast

Explore! You will love it.

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