Kathryn Temple
Kathryn TempleThe Success & Happiness Psychologist

Kath Temple is known as The Success & Happiness Psychologist and she loves to influence influencers. She is a warm inspiring award-winning entrepreneur and social entrepreneur with a passion for truly making a BIG difference. Some of her clients call her The Jedi, and others say she is ‘The Queen of Empowering Others.’ Kath has worked with tens of thousands of people and young people, across the world to create long-lasting positive change, helping them win the inner and outer game of life. She has appeared on BBC, Channel 4, TEDx Great Wall of China, presented webinars with entrepreneurs from Dragons Den, has presented at the BBC with Dragon’s Den Entrepreneur Levi Roots, and is a regular on BBC Radio. Paul McKenna referred clients to her from 1999. She has run her own businesses for 23 years and is the Founder and CEO – Chief Enthusiasm Officer – of The Happiness Foundation, Temple Alternatives, The Lifelong Learning Company and Temple of Success.

Jan Andreas Bugge
Jan Andreas BuggeThe New Biology - Sound Resonance & Frequencies in Healing

Kath Temple calls Jan Andreas Bugge ‘The Viking’. He says: ‘Those who understand sound understands the secret of the Universe.’ You will be fascinated about how he uses his unique spine-tingling harmonic sounds combined with The Schumann Resonance – 7.85Hz – to create a shift in the body’s abiilty to heal from serious diseases. Under the right conditions the body knows how to heal itself. Jan says sound frequencies are key factors in keeping us healthy and without them our health will rapidly deteriorate. Book your tickets now and be amazed at the phenomenon that is Jan Andreas Bugge.

Dr Mick Collins
Dr Mick CollinsTransformational Coach & Author

Dr Mick Collins is a Transformational Coach and the inspiring Author of ‘The Visionary Spirity’ and ‘The Unselfish Spirit’. Mick worked for 12 years as an NHS Occupational Therapist in acute mental health settings, and in a psychological therapies team. During this time he spent 9 years training in Process Oriented Psychology. Mick then worked for 10 years as a lecturer in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Science at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, before retiring in 2015. His research and writing focuses on the links between spiritually tranforamtive experiences and our collective adaptive potential to tackle the global crisis. Mick’s first book ‘The Unselfish Spirit: Human Evolution ina Time of Global Crisis’ won the 2014 Scientific and Medical Network book prize. He was ‘Authori in Profile’ at the 2014 Hostry Festival, and was interviewed about his book at the 2015 International Hay Festival for Literature. In 2016 he was interviewed about his work on Conscious TV. Mick’s new book ‘The Visitory Spirit: Awakening to the Imaginal Realm in the Transformocene Age’ was published in 2018.

Vanessa Carter
Vanessa CarterAuthor of 'Rising Up'

Vanessa Carter is the Author of Rise Up. Vanessa is one of those truly magnificent inspiring women who lights up our lives and is an absolute blessing in our world. We have all faced times in our lives when we have gone down and wondered if we’d ever get back up again. In sharing Rise Up Vanessa shares with us her own journey of rising like a phoenix no matter what. Rising Up is exactly what she has done her whole life, inspiring us all as she does. In her unique pathway through cancer she has shared with us the highs and the lows, the victories and the challenges that have knocked her down … but not out! And this woman with greatness running through every part of her beingness has called out to other women for their stories of rising up in their own lives too. May this marvellous presentation for Temple Alternatives and her Rise Up book motivate and move you through the clouds and into the sunshine again. No matter what is going on in your life, or the lives of those you love and care about, there will be a story in here that will lead the way forward from where you are to where you wish to be.

AstoriaStarseed Activator

Astaria is Maureen McGarrity who lives in the magical middle kingdom of Suffolk. Her home is like a Stargate, full of the crystal grids she is guided by her Guides to create. Maureen is a channel for Ascended Masters such as Enoch, Metatron, Melchizidech and many many other high-energy frequencies. Her channeled message for the launch of Temple Alternatives is:
‘Dearly Beloveds, They spiritual vitality casts its seeds across The East, and the activation of the Portal of Light opens to align this vibration with the hearts and minds of the seekers’ memory. The Gathering here of spiritual seekers was pre-ordained and the moment – now. Cast thy seeds of wisdom, Divine knowledge and light vibration into the winds to ride the currents of renewal. Let it sail the seas, the net cast further, and germinate into perfection. All Emisseries of Light will surround your area and as the collective Light rises, ours will gather it, multiply it, magnify it, and fully encompass it in the Love of the One.’ Astaria is the Author of 3 books of Wisdoms.

Jean Genie Mundy
Jean Genie MundyQueen of The Pendulum

Jean Mundy began life in the lovely Lake District – Cumbria. She is a Bio-Dynamic Psychotherapist who worked with Gerda Boysen with Villem Reik’s work. Genie was a Therapist in Neal’s Yard Norwich, and a Therapist at the Coastal Clinic in Gorleston. She is a Master of Karuna, and a Reiki Master too. Jean studied Soul Recreation with Robert Detzler for dowsing. She is a Master of the Pendulum – you have never seen anyone else use the Pendulum like Jean Genie. In early childhood Jean had a huge spiritual experience and her Guides are always with her and always speaking to her. She has many messages to share with you.

Lucinda Drayton
Lucinda DraytonInpiring Singer Songwriter

Be Who You Were Born To Be is the title of one of Lucinda’s best loved songs but it can also become a powerful mantra for life. To become the very best version of you, whatever that means to you. It may not happen overnight but with your determined thought, some tools and the tenacity to just keep getting up, it will happen.

Lucinda says: ‘So many of the people I work with spend their time trying to fit into other people’s ideas of who they should be. Living a life they feel they should live rather than one they really want to live. Through many years of study meditation reflection and being with great teachers I have learned to love and accept where I am. To live fully with all of my darkness and all of my light. We may not be able to fully achieve this in a one hour workshop but I hope I know I can share some really useful tools with you that will make your journey shorter than mine.’

LUCINDA DRAYTON is a beautiful and inspiring singer songwriter (Bliss/A Hundred Thousand Angels). Lucinda has lead workshops and groups throughout the world . Her talks are both down to earth and illuminating. Lucinda is also a counsellor in private practice and an accredited member of the BACP. The Brahma Kumaris call Lucinda an Angel who walks the earth.